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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Flossing as an Act of Hope

"Lately it crossed my mind that flossing my teeth may not matter any more. If I’m dying, what’s the point? My teeth are in good shape (one of God’s providential blessings in my life is that I have never had a cavity.) Just think—going to bed without any pre-bedtime rigmarole. Bliss. But somehow I just couldn’t do it…And it wasn’t the guilt of abandoned habit or improper hygiene crying out to my conscience. Rather, I realized that I would be caving in (in a small way) to hopelessness. Flossing your teeth is hardly earth-shaking. But somehow, it felt like giving up. I don’t know what God is going to do with this cancer. So many people are praying for me/us. God might choose to extend my life, even bring me healing for years to come. I have not given up hope, and I’m not going to start a slide down the slippery slope." Read more.

Don't Waste Your Cancer - by John Piper

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