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Monday, March 20, 2006

Searching for Ants-ers. (Yeah, I know.)

Kind of corny, but interesting article about ants and the church.


Ants don’t quit or get easily discouraged. Ants don’t give up. When ants build an anthill they are persevering to a fault. You can squash the anthill, and they immediately go back to work as if nothing happened. As comedian Brian Regan says, “You would think that they would take at least a second to look at what happened and go ‘OH MAN!’”

I find myself so easily discouraged with the church sometimes. Every once in a while for good reason, other times because I’m being completely immature. It may be through an article I read or lackluster weekend-messages, but I can often get discouraged about my current church situation. But I’ve realized I have to find a way to brush it off; I need to focus on what’s really important. I need to focus on the mission—what’s really important—not just food for the colony, but Jesus for the world.

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