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Friday, April 14, 2006


A friend of mine has a Harvard MBA and teaches at a local middle school. I'm making sales calls from my desk at home and watching out the window as he throws a baseball with his son. He also played minor league baseball. Pretty cool.

UPDATE: As requested...

(His daughter is in there too, but she's hidden behind the tree. You can see her new dog though off to the left of the tree limb.)

AUDIO UPDATE: People Will Come


nbcthreat said...

What, no picture?

Mark D said...

Baseball is by far my favorite sport to play and to watch. I grew up right by two baseball fields and started playing as soon as I could walk. My wife and I live right by a park, an elementary school, and a high school, so my kids will get to enjoy the same kind of perk (and I'll get to enjoy watching them).