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Monday, April 03, 2006

Has Anyone Seen My Brain?

Some things I did this weekend:

Took my motorcycle for a ride and the battery died a few blocks from my house forcing it to stall. I was also low on gas.
Paid a druggie $10 to help me push it home.
Went to the ATM to get the $10.
Left my card in the ATM.
Guy in line behind me recognized his good fortune and promptly withdrew $200 from my account.
Noticed my card was missing and called to put a hold on purchases.
Didn't do much else for the rest of Saturday.
Set my clock forward. Went to bed.
Woke up and left for church.
Walked by a burning house on my way to church and asked if everyone was out. They were.
Waited for fire department to show up.
Got doused with water when fireman decided to spray his hose out the window and onto my head.
Left church and rode motorcycle to Citzen's Bank Park to watch Phillies vs. Red Sox exhibition game.
Pulled into Holiday Inn for parking, as is my custom.
Lowered kickstand on mortorcycle to pay parking attendant.
Got off bike and bike fell. Kickstand was not down all the way, apparently.
Broken clutch handle. Will replace today probably.
Walked to stadium and bought ticket from a scalper. Saved $10. First good move of the day.
Left baseball game at seventh inning stretch. Needed to find a gas station.
Looking for gas station in South Philly and driving with stub of a clutch handle. Bike stalls.
Battery is dead again. Probably need a new alternator. Call Wayne to come pick me up. (Thanks Wayne!)
Park bike in nice residential neighborhood and bring battery home to charge overnight. Will go pick bike up later.
I hope no one messes with it.
Had Bible study with friends/roommates.
Friends informed me that my face is very sunburnt. Looked at arms, they are correct.
Intense discussion about how/if our Bible study should or should not be connected to my church.
Had a long talk with my friend/elder at our church, Andy Kim. Had another with Grace when I got home.
Went to bed.
$200 stolen, broken clutch handle, bike in some South Philly neighborhood, bad sunburn - all in a days work.
Woke up this morning at 7 to let the dog out. Came back in to lay down and listen to my favorite morning radio show.
Dog jumps in bed. Muddy sheets.
Got our wireless internet connection working again. Hooray.
Spoke to "Wachovia Loss Management". I will get $150 credited back to my account.

A couple of major brain farts over the weekend. I guess I'm human too.


wilsonian said...

Oh my goodness! I should bookmark this particular post for when I'm having a crappy day.

Wayne Bawell said...

hey Ryan- I forgot to tell you, I saw your brain in the bathroom (I did not know what it was at first- I thought it may have been one of busters’ accidents) and I flushed it down the toilet after I relieved myself. My bad.

Ryan Kellermeyer said...

"Stay classy."