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Friday, April 28, 2006

Logan Triangle

In the early 1900's, someone decide to fill Wingohocking creek with ash and cinder and build a neighborhood on top of it. Eighty some years later, the houses built in that neighborhood began to sink and now they have all been torn down. The resulting vacant land mass has become know as the Logan Triangle.

Our house is the very last one in the bottom right corner of this photo. The twelve-lane Roosevelt Expressway creates a strong natural barrier that effectively separates the neighborhoods of Hunting Park to the south and Logan to the north.

Extensive studies have determined that stable buildings can be built in the Logan Triangle if done correctly and so the city is currently working on a request for proposals for a large-scale development project. This RFP and any ensuing projects will have an enormous impact on our neighborhood, obviously.

This process will be interesting to watch. Look for periodic updates and pray that this thing gets done well.

p.s. - see the satellite view here. Yeah, that's one big chunk of empty lots.

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