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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Man Found Shot To Death In Hunting Park Basement

Most likely, this was drug related. The block in question is at the Southwest corner of the park where all of the park's drug activity and prostitution are rooted.

If you read my post about last weekend's brain farts, you'll remember that my bike died in the park on Saturday. I sat right on this corner for a good thirty minutes waiting on the dude that I paid to help me push the bike home. He went into the corner store to buy a "sandwich" after I gave him the ten bucks. I had offered him a ride home in my truck and he said he wanted one, but he came out with nothing in his hand and no more interest in getting a ride. I was just sitting there eating my Checkers french fries, so I didn't mind waiting. It's just sad how drugs have taken a hold over that corner. And now some dude is dead in a basement.

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