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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Church of Mary J. Blige

From the current issue of Blender:

Mary, you’re a devout Christian. How do you reconcile bling with God?
John214, colorado springs, CO
"My God is a God who wants me to have things. He wants me to bling! He wants me to be the hottest thing on the block. I don’t know what kind of God the rest of y’all are serving, but the God I serve says, “Mary, you need to be the hottest thing this year, and I’m gonna make sure you’re doing that.” My God’s the bomb!"
Would you ever think of going into the ministry?
Donnydonna, Hartford, CT
"I’m working towards getting my life together. I don’t know what God’s going to call me to do. I have to first walk the walk I have. Who am I to tell people what they need to do? I’m still figuring that out myself."

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