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Monday, May 15, 2006

Motorcycle Diaries

My friend Dave and I are in the middle of a motorcycle trip to see our families here in Indiana. His brother is home from the Navy on leave and I wanted to surprise my mom for Mother's Day. We left on Thursday and we're (probably) heading back tomorrow night. We chose the rainiest week in the history of the world to ride our bikes half-way across the country. We're brilliant. But it's been a great trip and I've caught up with some people I haven't seen in a long time and had a blast with Dave, a friend of mine since Jr. High or so. I am really hoping that the rain stops. We need to get home, but I really don't want to ride in the rain for 2 days again. It was a cool challenge to get out here in the rain and there were all these little adrenaline rushes as we kept going against the odds and proving to ourselves that we could do it. But now that I've reached my goal of getting here, the challenge no longer seems as cool and I just want to be dry on the way back. But Dave and I both have things we need to do back home and we can't wait forever for this perpetual rain cloud to pass. Besides, we're still young enough to believe that we can do anything, so we might as well try, right?

Dave is "live-blogging" our trip via his phone and you can check it out on his Flickr page.

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