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Friday, May 26, 2006

Spring Cleaning 2006

Memorial Day weekend looks like it's going to be a nice one. Saturday is supposed to rain. I'm going to try my best to get all this stuff done. I'll report back at the end of the weekend to see what my progress was. For every one I don't finish, I'll do a hundred push-ups or something. Seriously, I need to find some motivation and bust this stuff out. For some reason, working the list backwards seems appealing...



  1. Clean bedroom. This would be a major acheivement in itself. Always a trip down memory lane.
  2. Clean downstairs. Put stuff in the right place (i.e. upstairs).
  3. Weed/Mulch garden.
  4. Trim shrubs. I love doing this. Perfection, I believe, is possible. Just have to get that one stray twig over there. Wait, does that look uneven to you?
  5. Weed/Plant/Mulch in stump and between houses
  6. Give dog a bath
  7. Call oven repair person
  8. Look at muffler on truck. Think about fixing it.
  9. Think about painting the oustide of the house.
  10. Have a beer. Okay, maybe two. (Six, actually)
  11. Plus four new entries...
    1. Fix refrigerator door
    2. Put new lightbulbs in dining room
    3. Install air conditioner
    4. Go to two barbecues (one at our house)
  1. Do laundry. More importantly, fold and put away laundry. Consider throwing away "vintage" socks and underwear.
  2. Fix garage door
  1. Fix back door
  2. Fix cellar doors
  3. Replace storm windows with screens
  4. Organize tools
  5. Buy cheap food at Aldi's. Save cash on food.
  6. Attempt to break through the million layers of paint that seal all of our downstairs windows shut. Fresh air is good. Even in Philadelphia.
  7. Clean porch. Put camping stuff in basement.
  8. Take down Christmas lights. Finally. It was a good first effort, but the year-round thing is not cool.
Overall, not a bad weekend. I should have most of the half finished stuff done this week and the rest I'll get around to soon enough.

Do I have a girlfriend? No. But I have a dog and a garden and those take about the same amount of time and money in the spring. Decidedly less rewarding though.


wilsonian said...

LOL! Vintage underwear... what is it with guys wearing skivvies until they're either totally transparent, all the elastic is shot, or worse. What a thing to be sentimental about... LOL!

Ryan Kellermeyer said...

Aha, you've fallen into the famous Underwear Sentimentality fallacy as many women commonly do. The truth, you see, is that the more socks and underwear you have, the longer you can postpone laundry day. If you can still fit in them and they work properly, throwing them out just means more work for you. Fancy underwear are for women. Men's underwear are purely functional.

Heidi said...

What about the men whose wives do their laundry? Why won't they get rid of their old undies?

wilsonian said...

"No. But I have a dog and a garden and those take about the same amount of time and money in the spring."

Classic. Not a great pick-up line, but classic.