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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Leroy Barber put me on to this website of one of his friends. I haven't looked extensively at it, but at first glance it looks interesting.

As a side note, I have to admit that I'm envious of guys like Patrick and others that I met in South Africa. There is just something weird about being a white dude from the states and trying to do something in Africa.

It's nice to be local. Chasing down bids and driving around Philly today, I realized that after ten years, I finally feel like I know this place. It's a good feeling.

I got a ticket last night in some suburb for running a red light. It wasn't really red in the sense that someone would get killed if I went through it. It was just red in the sense that it had already changed colors. I explained to the cop, and he agreed, that in Philly I could have done that right in front of a police officer while honking my horn and waving at him, and I would have escaped without even a warning. "They have more important things to do", he said. Four hundred and some odd murders this year. I guess he's right. We had a nice chat about Ryan Howard's MVP year, I thanked him for giving me a non-point ticket, and we went our seperate ways. It felt like a real Philly moment, even if we were in Teddifryn Township and it cost me $106.

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