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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Soup Cans

My parents and I are in the same boat. My dad recently quit his job and I've been slacking for the past year. I am certain that my money is muuuch tighter than theirs but nonetheless, this post from my mom's blog is worth a read:

I grew up in a poor family and we started our marriage on about $5.00 an hour salary as factory workers. The checks I wrote out back then were for small amounts, $5 or $10. We thought about every dime we spent. But gradually our income increased and we could do a lot of things our parents were never able to do. Our closets got full and we ate good food.

However, recently my husband is unemployed and I'm reading the price tags on the soup cans and everything else. I've always wanted certain foods and labels because all foods are not equal. So I've tried the generic and the sale items. They are just not the same. With food, usually you get what you pay for.

While I still buy food for the taste - I know it's a luxury, I learning that I can do without a lot of other things that I used to buy without thought of the cost. You really can learn to live on less. And usually you spend what you earn.
Sounds like Christmas dinner is going to be a bummer this year. Nah, I doubt it.

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