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Friday, January 19, 2007

Noel's Letter

I wrote about Noel several weeks ago. I was impressed when he made a chair to donate to the HPCA school fundraiser, but the letter I got from him last week blew my mind. How many kids from this neighborhood have this stuff on their radar? And it's not like he's some priveleged kid either, his story is more difficult than most. Noel is awesome. I admire him and I hope this trip will continue the remarkable growth that I see happening in his life. We're going to put on a fundraiser for him. I'm thinking black tie dinner.

Dear Supporter,

Hello my name is Noel Lopez and I would like to start this letter off by hoping you are doing well. I have been attending Spirit and Truth Fellowship for 5 years and I am a member of the youth group. I attend International Christian High School and I'm going on a missions trip that is being led by my principal, Ben Brittin. We are going to Libera, Africa and the entire trip is going to cost $2,500. I ask that you pray for me and give any financial support you can offer that will help me reach my goal. The trip is scheduled for March 31st through April 14th. I hope this trip will help me become closer to God and also to be more dedicated to praying and trusting him. I have gone through many trials throughout my life and at times I have felt like giving up, but the support of people who care about me has reminded me of the love of God. With this trip I plan to serve the people of Liberia and get a once in a lifetime experience of a different culture and lifestyle. I appreciate anything that you can do, and may God bless you and your family.


Noel Lopez

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act of kindness said...

A great fundraiser is a "Global dinner" You get different people to choose a country and make food from that country. not a lot but enough small portions that each person gets to try some. make sure you have a good mix of foods, then decorate each country area on the buffet table. have the people helping arrive with the food hot and ready to serve 15 min. before dinner is served. this way there is no food cost and it is interesting and fun for the people who come. Sell tickets before hand and take up an offering at the dinner. You could also include a silent auction and entertainment. a night like this can raise thousands