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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Chase and Ana Maria Lenfest Center

I can't wait for this thing to open here in Hunting Park. It looks like it will be a first-rate facility that can serve a lot of kids. Very cool.

Currently under construction, this two-story contemporary building will be the new home to Philadelphia Police Athletic League (PAL) and Squash Smarts. This state-of-the-art PAL center will occupy the first floor and will include a gymnasium, locker facilities, computer labs, art, dance, and music education, PAL training, and performing arts. Squash Smarts, an organization that stresses academics and promotes squash scholarships, will occupy the 2nd floor and will include 8 squash courts, corporate offices, and classrooms. Anticipated completion date is Spring, 2007.

This was the progress in November. They've since added the roof, heating and a/c, and tons of other things, I'm sure. It's coming along nicely.

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