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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rudy Sums Up Our Monday

From the desk of the UrbanOnramps Philly office:

Yesterday was good. It was a 16 hour day of “paying attention.” We had a good three hours touring Hershey School. The drive from Philly and back, about 90 minutes each way. Back in town we went to Nueva Esperanza main (new) building plus the Nueva Esperanza Academy Charter High School - wow for both. Great stuff. We saw Ayuda Community Center - great people - and visited Hunting Park Christian Academy for a minute. I didn’t realize the Spirit and Truth Fellowship (the church Dr. Manny Ortiz pastors) and HPCA share the same building. We got over to Esperanza Health Center and saw Steven Ortiz and Randy Hirsch. The discussion on Monday night was good, very good. The emerging church is such a big and broad subject that it’s hard to limit discussion to a couple of hours. I got a train from Philly at 10:30pm, then walked in the front door on Lefferts Place in Brooklyn at about 1245am. Saw my beautiful wife and kids this morning. It’s all good.
I was tired this morning but full. I'm thankful for Rudy's friendship and for the body of Christ here in Philly, Southern California, and wherever you happen to be reading this.

Notes: Esperanza Health Center and Nueva Esperanza are two seperate orgs, both excellent. Nueva Esperanza Academy has impressive facilities. It's good to see the investment there. Nueva Esperanza has a culture of excellence that is tangible. There is a brilliant person around every corner at every level. Esperanza Health Clinic is one of my favorite places. Think about it. Who knows you better, sees you more vulnerable, than your doctor? These folks become more than doctors, they're counselors and pastors.

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