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Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am listening to GTown Radio

And you should too:

Hi Fi

Lo Fi

Gtown Radio is located just down the street in Germantown. From what I've heard so far, I am not sure that the music taste of the station is representative of Germantown. Nonetheless, it's a nice eclectic mix of indie and offbeat music. The main point is simply how many other neighborhoods have their own 24-hour streaming internet radio station?

From the Gtown website:

The Importance of Local Media

Since the Telecommunications Act of 1996 the media industry has seen rapid consolidation of ownership into the hands of a few massive conglomerates. Newspaper, radio and television owners continually seek the further relaxing of regulations to expand their scope and influence. The barriers of entry into these traditional forms of media have made grassroots or contrary points of view difficult or impossible to express. Localism is drowned out. The best interests of communities are forsaken for shareholders and the bottom line.

Simultaneously, advances in technology have created new forms of media that outpace the grip of media giants, lobbyists and the lawmakers that protect their interests. Internet radio is one of these mediums. A relatively low cost of entry and mature infrastructure allow individuals or groups to reach audiences across the street or across the globe.

G-town Radio strives to level the playing field of media access by focusing on the neighborhood of Germantown, the surrounding communities and all of Philadelphia.
That kicks ass.

If you're wondering why I'm listening, just know that there is a rumble of energy somewhere out there that maybe someday NinthStreetRecords or maybe even Ayuda will have it's own streaming feed. I would love to create an online space for neighborhood folks to have a "radio" show.

Perhaps the most logical step would be to create a Philly Internet Radio Hub and have a bunch of neighborhoods operating under that umbrella ella ella ella eh... Nevermind.


Michaelanne said...

You should talk to Manuel Portio at Open Borders about the radio stuff they're doing there

Katie said...

Did you use the word "electic"?

EL3G said...

What's up fam,
this theScolar3000 of the rec
radio on

the real draw for gtownradio
are the shows

my show runs every wed.8-10pm
we run a hip hop/poetry/soul
and talk radio format

check it out. oh the streaming
you here is just an at random
playlist from the station
manager. i'll see what i can
do to tailor it more to fit
German town

peace and thanks for listening