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Friday, August 10, 2007

The beauty of the PGW "budget plan"

So, PGW makes it easier for customers by averaging out usage over the year and charging more or less the average cost per month with periodic adjustments. It's the hottest week of the year and we are using as little gas as possible since we only use gas to HEAT things. And somehow the brilliant minds of PGW saw fit to charge us (i.e. me) $625 this month. I am beside myself. Check out the numbers below. Look at that huge correction at the end. That totally defies the whole purpose of a budget plan!

UPDATE: I just found out that this has happened to others as well. Now I'm even more angry. I can take a hit to my checking account and have overdraft protection in case I can't. But now I'm thinking about the folks who are really struggling to make ends meet and then PGW sucks all their liquid assets in one big hit causing a ripple effect of bounced checks, missed payments and overall financial chaos. At that point it goes beyond poor business practice and into the realm of injustice.

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