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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hunting Park in the national spotlight

Well, sort of. MSNBC has an article about a dog who got abused in West Philly and is being taken care of down the road at the SPCA. Was Chase Utley's wife hanging out in Hunting Park?

The little pit bull-boxer mix is being treated at the SPCA facility in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia. She didn't have a name so workers at the SPCA named her "Why Me?". Howard Nelson of the Pennsylvania SPCA said it is the worst case of abuse he has ever seen.

"She is such a nice dog. I don't know how you can do this kind of crime," Dr. Rabi Murarka, a veterinarian, said. The puppy may lose a leg and will be scarred for life.

Jen Utley just happened to be at the SPCA when the puppy was brought in. She and her husband, Phillies second basemen Chase Utley, are paying for Why Me's medical bills and rehabilitation.
In other news, Chase Utley went 1 for 6 in his rehab starts so far.

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