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Monday, August 13, 2007

It's getting hot in here....

Soon-to-be Mayor Nutter's plan to put an immediate end to the ridiculous violence in Philadelphia, from his website:

Nutter’s plan focuses on five major areas to provide “Safety Now” to our city:

- Declare a limited crime emergency in targeted enforcement zones, as authorized by the City Code.

- Saturate targeted enforcement zones with proven tactics, such as aggressively enforcing arrest warrants against fugitives, installing cameras, and using constitutional stop and frisk tactics

- Direct crime-fighting resources against repeat offenders, fugitives, and probation/parole violators

- Increase the size of our police force

- Improve the economy and create job opportunities so that people can build better economic futures

“Safety Now” is not just a slogan,” said Nutter. “It’s a commitment. We need to act quickly and move to provide safety in the first ten weeks of the year, not ten months or ten years. This is a crisis that calls for immediate action.”

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