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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Modern Racist Paradigm

I'm watching this right now.


Anonymous said...

It seems that the media has a very big agenda. I found this video to be both enlightening and scary at the same time.

I feel sorry for the kids.

Wayne Bawell said...

I am curious if I took the “racist” test if I would result in having “reverse racism” or “self-race racism.” I also have wondered when I was a young chap, back in the late 80’s to early 90’s- when Hip Hop was reaching it’s peak, that after watching many rap videos with many beautiful black booty shaking babes may have caused my “preference” to non-Caucasian women. It is sad but true, as this documentary has shown- the affects of the media. It makes me think that the media is the anti-christ. I wish I could have shown this to my African American History class I taught. This is a good documentary to show at a workshop for the youth at my organization.

Bill D said...

I agree with the fact that the media is the anti christ, but the fact is that this video is just what it is trying to fight Racism. There is a a very small % of racists in America, but everyone is prejudice. It is a defense mechanism steming back to our caveman days. We are afraid of the unknown and of what we don't understand. Although this movie tries to educate and give awareness I feel it will cause more damage than good.

Anonymous said...

Bill d said: "but the fact is that this video is just what it is trying to fight Racism. "

Fact? No Bill. What you posted is NOT a fact, but an opinion.

How can this video be "racist" as you claim when all it is doing is exposing the modern racist paradigm? The paradigm was a product of European Imperialism and it is structured in a way so that White people are socially privileged, subconsciously perceived to be above any other race. This paradigm is a product of European Imperialism. THAT'S A FACT, Bill...and it is documented by even the top academic archives.

It's sad that people like you will twist the truth and turn it into a lie just to stick up for the paradigm.

I don't see any validity to your accusation at all. Every major point given by the documentary has been backed up by sources. Then there's the large article that links to it, which by itself is backed up by established university sources.

Anonymous said...

Several of the original videos used to create the documentary can be found on a Youtube channel titled "4TruthAndJustice".