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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Showing Up is Half the Battle

Our State Representative, Tony Payton Jr., stopped by Ayuda today as he was walking around the neighborhood visiting constituents. You gotta love a politician who just drops in to say "hello." After years of absentee-representation by Bill Reiger, Rep. Payton is a huge improvement for our community and he has my full support. I have no idea what he has done on a policy level, but he has brought Harrisburg to the street. I have full confidence that if I have an issue that needs a voice in Harrisburg, Rep. Payton will give me his full attention. I was actually working on a letter to City Council when he stopped by. I printed out a copy for him and he agreed to take some action. How often does that happen in politics?

Here is a good interview from the Center for Progressive Leadership:

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