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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jimmy Rollins is MVP

From my favorite baseball blog, Beerleaguer:

Rollins was the first player in history to produce 200 hits (212) and 20 doubles (38), triples (20), home runs (30) and stolen bases (41) in a season. He set a league record for shortstops with 380 total bases, breaking Ernie Banks’ mark set in 1958. His 139 runs and 88 extra-base hits were league records for a shortstop. He also set a Major League record with 716 at-bats, and became the third shortstop in history to have at least 30 homers and 30 stolen bases in a season.

...Defensively, 2007 was J-Roll at his very best. Flashing an arm that was better than ever, Jimmy took the field in all 162 games, backing up his pre-season boast that the Phillies, not the Mets, were the team to beat. And he made sure the Mets remembered it. He smoked the Mets. Smoked 'em.

Here’s another argument that holds little water: “Rollins has better players around him.” They gutted out the loss of Chase Utley, they overcame Ryan Howard’s trip to the DL, they endured through the worst pitching staff in the league, yet there’s no doubt they would have been sitting home in October if Jimmy had missed even a single, solitary game.

This was Jimmy's team.
Also, as I've mention here a few times, it bears repeating that JRoll is a total class act and a solid role model. Philadelphia is lucky to have two consectutive good-guy MVP's in Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins. Is Utley next?

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