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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tom Cruise Scientology interview and David Miscavige on Nightline

Insane. (This will most likely not last on YouTube due to Church of Scientology legal threats. Gawker, however, is still defiantly hosting it here.)

Key Vocab:

Scientology Technology
Scientology Ethics

David Miscavige
KSW = Keep Scientology Working
LRH = L. Ron Hubbard
The Orgs = Scientology Organizations
SP = Suppressive Person
PTS = Potential Trouble Source

Who is David Miscavige, you ask? Ted Koppel takes him and Scientology to task circa 1992. (Part 1 of 9)

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breseapal said...

Ok, so most people don't know exactly what Tom Cruise means by this discourse, but one cannot deny the passionate commitment he has toward the betterment of mankind. I totally respect his idea of using his enormous wealth and iconic position in the world community to foster a better place, and not stand by, but to actually cause change to improve the life of the downtrodden, oppressed part of our common humanity.
People that feel he is spooky, or not rational, don't realize how joyful he feels about what he and his wife have chosen to do with their fortunate position with this short stay on this small planet. He is trying to embrace the full meaning of “the gift of life” is to help humanity by making the world a better place because you have lived, whether it be by teaching children, loving the unloved, or even just smiling and being kindly to all you meet.
I'm an actor in NYC and know that the vast majority of the people in the industry of stage, TV, film, and the music world are committed to ONLY ONE THING. That shallow earthly delight is the pursuit of self-gratification on a continual basis, not concerning themselves with the welfare and betterment of those less fortunate in the rest of humanity. They conduct themselves with total disregard for who is around them and in their way to successfully attaining their selfish goal.
When the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was asked by one of his students, "Why are we here? What is the reason for us being born into this world, Master?"
His reply was simple but profound. “We are placed in this world, my son, for only one help mankind."
Jesus gave the world the eleventh commandment to add to the ten His Father had given Moses.
It dovetails with Aristotle's profound answer to his fledgling student.
Jesus said, "Love one another and all the other commandments will be met by following this one."
Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, should ignore their critics and continue to follow their God given intuition. This is to fight the horrific evil that has suppressed humanity for thousands of years.
People try to look smart by criticizing others. That is what is happening when people say Tom Cruise's discourse on Scientology is a rant by an irrational person. It is NOT.