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Friday, January 25, 2008

What it takes to be a City Council member

Great article on a training program that our newly elected Councilwoman, Maria Quinones-Sanchez, and other rookies underwent to learn the ropes of city government.

They have been at it two days a week, every week, since they won the May primary, and they expect to finish by month's end. The three Democrats spent Wednesdays and Thursdays, often all day, in an orientation so deep that longtime veterans of city government and politics have expressed awe.

They met with former managing directors Joe Certaine, Phil Goldsmith and Jim White and the heads of two universities. They toured the Navy Yard and the entire Fairmount Park system. They waited on line at a local health center, sat in on news meetings at the Daily News and Inquirer, and quizzed men at a homeless shelter. Lobbyists were not allowed.

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