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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Road rage incident a few feet from our house

A guy in a Mercedes was tailing a woman in a Toyota Celica on Roosevelt Blvd. When they got to the stoplight on 9th Street, Mercedes man threw a glass bottle out his window, hitting Celica woman in the mouth, splitting her lip, and breaking a tooth.

From the Daily News article:

She contended that when the two of them stopped at the 9th Street intersection Smith pointed his fingers at her in the shape of a gun, although she also said she didn't think he actually had a gun.

"I was so mad," she said. "I've had it with the crime in the city."

When she got out of her car and bent over at his passenger-side window, "I asked him, 'Get out of the car. Let's settle things like men. Why don't you put your gun away. I have a tire iron. Let's make it an even ballfield.' "

Then the light turned green, she said, so she suggested that they pull over at the next light to talk it out. But after they had driven a short distance, the bottle came flying into her face.

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