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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"That's Why She is Tough"

This was written today in Ayuda's basement by a 13 year old boy who recently moved here from Puerto Rico:

Mom, I always knew that you love us no matter what We do .Now I will talk about what she gave us .My mom is my hero because she do everything, when it get hard. I think that’s makes her tough.

My mom gives us a house, food, and also clothes. She is helpful. Like the time she help, me prepare for a Test. She tells me what I did wrong. She is hard-working. She tells us what happen, and what should we do. She always saves money to pay the bills.

She is my hero because she to everything. She is kind some time. When we play my mom wants to game too. Also when have family time. She is tough. When I get in trouble, my mom always talked me out of it. She also tells me what I’m doing wrong.

I think that’s tough. She handled with me and my sister. We always fight with them. She handles my aunts.

That why my mom loves us. She gave us that thing. She is my hero. That’s why she is tough.

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