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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mural in progress

YouthBuild Charter High School students posing with Andy Nolan, the jolly neighborhood gardening giant. They've been helping Ayuda make this mural for the past two weekends. This thing will be assembled and installed on the wall below when finished. We are making it removable because the house is on the city's demo list. We have permission to put it up on the house behind it, so when they tear it down the garden will be bigger and we'll just move the mural to the next wall. Pretty slick.

Here is one of the preliminary designs, before adding people, sunflowers, and whatever else is in the final product. The design was created out of neighborhood surveys and then refined a handful of times after getting community feedback.

Designed by neighbors, painted by neighbors, and hopefully enjoyed by neighbors for a long time to come.

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glassgirl said...

looks awesome. I would love to go and see it once it's up. Awesome way to incorporate arts, the neighborhood coming together and leaving a legacy!