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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Boy Scout Troop 4400 at Resica Falls Camp

Pencil pushing never felt so good. I had the idea for a Boy Scout troop about this time last year. In January, our troop got launched through the Scoutreach program. Now we have seven kids camping in tents, swimming, shooting rifles, and all kinds of other crazy stuff for the next week. It's a big deal and it feels good to have been part of it.

I stayed and watched them do their swim tests and when one of them was afraid to go in the deep end, the others stood at the edge of the pool cheering him on. These guys all live within a couple of blocks of each other and they're going to bond deeply this week. Hopefully that will help them stick together to successfully navigate the pitfalls of teenage life in the neighborhood. This week won't be easy for them, but neither will the next five years.

"Be prepared!"

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