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Monday, June 23, 2008

Five Minutes a Day

I know a lot of kids with no adult men in their lives. What if you promised a kid that you would call them every day from now until they graduate from high school? One five minute phone call a day. What would that do? Anything?

Rudy Carrasco says this to me via AIM:

genxlatino3 (5:27:13 PM): dude
genxlatino3 (5:27:15 PM): don't promise nothing
genxlatino3 (5:27:18 PM): just do
genxlatino3 (5:27:21 PM): without making promises
RyanAyuda (5:27:22 PM): that's a great idea
genxlatino3 (5:27:28 PM): they've got enough promises in their lives
Good advice.

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