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Thursday, March 23, 2006

It Figures...

...that a website called would have a New York phone number. Otherwise, it's an awesome site. Kind of basic, but as their FAQ explains, "the average person probably couldn't handle more than these two pages of awesomeness."

Exerpt from FAQ:

Are you real estate speculators?

Nope. We encourage people to find neighborhoods they love, communities they want to live in and to become involved in quality of life issues concerning not just themselves and their (extended) neighbors. We believe that this type of community based action helps. Or could help. Or can't hurt. Citizen displacement is a reality in a lot of the rapidly changing areas of Philadelphia and many of the organizations advocating for the people trying to stay are community run, by the kind of people we're hoping will move to Philly.

Move to Philly!

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