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Monday, July 17, 2006

Sleeping Alone.

Well, I'm just winding down from Roberto and Lauren's wedding. Laying here in bed in what is now entirely my room. Beto moved in and put a loft over my bed about a year ago. I'm glad to have my own space again and glad that Roberto and Lauren are finally together, but I will miss some of those little things like listening to talk radio early in the morning or staying up late swapping funny internet videos.

I was really proud and happy for Roberto. It was wonderful to see his family and to hang out with his friends and I look forward to their next visit to Philly.

I got to be the DJ tonight and I was a little disappointed that I didn't get hit on by all the hot women. I mean, isn't that why people DJ?? Oh well. We had fun anyway. I got to play "Let's Get it On" when Roberto and Lauren left, so that got a lot of laughs and made it all worth it.

So that's it. Roberto's a married man. He's only moving about 50 yards from here, so we'll see him enough. But it was great to have him here and we'll miss him.

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