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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tips for Urban Entrepreneurs

I picked up a recent issue of Inc. magazine in the, ehem, "library" at work today and it featured a cool list of the top 100 "inner-city" businesses. I wanted to link to that article here, but it only gives you a few paragraphs online. So instead, I found this complimentary piece about setting up businesses in urban neighborhoods:

10 Concrete Tips for Urban Pioneers


10. Be a good neighbor. Just as you can lobby the city to help your business, so can you use your position to help make the neighborhood a better place: Ask for improvements and renovation that residents might not be able to get on their own. "Sometimes companies move in and set up walls around themselves, and in the long run, that doesn't help you," says Lloyd, of City Fresh Foods.
Here is my own tip: "Get to work!" I'm putting the finishing touches on a big janitorial bid tonight. If we get this, it means jobs for five or six people and a few extra bucks in my pocket. Back to work...

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