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Monday, December 04, 2006

Not Just in Africa

I found out yesterday that one of my neighbors died of HIV/AIDS related illness. He lived on a corner house and used to hang out on his steps with gospel music blaring. His house was on the way to several of my regular hangouts and when he was out I would always stop to ask him who he was listening to. We traded burnt CD's a couple of times and had some good conversations, but I never even knew he was sick. We weren't the best of friends or anything, but it is still jarring to find out that someone you know passed away from an illness you never knew they had. Walking by his house yesterday, an old man that I know stopped his car to roll down his window and wave. He lives alone and always sits on his porch. All of this just reminded me of how connected we are to our neighbors, even when we don't recognize it. I'm glad to have lived here for several years now and to have made these small connections with so many people. Walking around the corner will never be the same and I will miss my neighbors music.

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