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Sunday, December 03, 2006

TSA To Use High Tech X-Ray Glasses

Seriously, this seems a little invasive, no? The brilliant and no doubt morally pure TSA agents will now have access to virtually nude photos of you and all your loved ones, including your kids.

Some say the high-resolution images which clearly depict the outline of the passenger's body, plus anything attached to it, such as jewelry are too invasive.

But the TSA said the X-rays will be set up so that the image can be viewed only by a security officer in a remote location. Other passengers, and even the agent at the checkpoint, will not have access to the picture.

In addition, the system will be configured so that the X-ray will be deleted as soon as the individual steps away from the machine. It will not be stored or available for printing or transmitting, agency spokesman Nico Melendez said.
You have to give credit to Susan Howell, shown here with her clothes on, for putting her x-ray photo out for the world to see. I'd say she has balls, but it's clear from the photo above that she doesn't.

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