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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What to do?

I DJ'd a wedding for this couple. They owe me $600. The check they gave me the day of the wedding bounced. That was on July 7. I could really use that cash and I'm thinking of pursuing collections or legal options.

Here's the irony. The husband is a pastor in Hawaii and, according to Google, is associated with a ministry which, if I am not mistaken, is one of those trust-Jesus-and-He-will-make-you-rich kind of churches. To make things even more ironic, the wife is a Christian gospel artist whose website I found to be chock full of flowery language of divine blessing and such.

I have been calling these folks on a weekly basis for a couple of months now and I have spoken to the wife ONE time. She said she was sending a money order. It never came. On her website, a loan officer left a note in her guestbook which reads:

Since I cannot get in touch with you or ------ by telephone, I would like to inform you that your loan payment is late and you are now in default. Please contact me about this matter.
So apparently, I am not the only one.

To make things even MORE ironic, this was the most opulent and ridiculous wedding I have ever seen. I pulled in behind a Bently for starters, but then there were the ice sculptures, the $20k worth of flowers, and the 10 or 15 various wedding cakes. I was by far the cheapest vendor at that wedding. I wonder if everyone else got paid.

So I'm kind of pissed at this whole culture that exists where people will spend a fortune they don't have on a wedding in what appears to possibly be an attempt to show their prosperity gospel friends that God is indeed blessing them. What a misguided waste of money.

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