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Sunday, April 13, 2008

7 STRAIGHT hours of DJ work at Manayunk Brewery

First I did Nate and Sharon's wedding reception for no charge. We did a dollar dance to benefit Ayuda that brought in $500. Nate and Sharon support Ayuda (his company is sponsoring our upcoming art show!)and this was a fun way to cut them a deal while helping out a cause we all love.

Then the club manager asked me to stay and play their bar crowd until 2am. I'd say there were a good 300 people or more packed into that dance floor. No room to move and people were all backed up into my area. Friendly crowd and easy to please. $300 bucks for me. Add $105 in tips and I'm sitting tight for the night. Between me and Ayuda, $905 on the night.

Sometimes I feel like Rick Ross:

(View his calendar RIGHT HURR.)

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