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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shooting death in Hunting Park

From KWY news:

Philadelphia police have identified a body found in Hunting Park Saturday morning.

50-year-old Robert Stone of the 700 block of Roosevelt Boulevard was found near the Boulevardand Old York Road around 6am.

Stone suffered several gunshot wounds to the chest, head, and stomach.

The investigation into his death continues.
I don't know of any other shooting deaths in the park in recent years, but this is no shock to me. I've been advocating for a full-time Police or security presence in the park for several years. It's such a big dark area with too many people up to no good, yet it is still the only route for many who travel the subway or bus back to the neighborhood.

I am going to meet with the 25th District Captain to register a formal request this week. Much of the violence in our neighborhood is foolish people killing other foolish people. The park is different because so many innocent people walk through in the course of their day. Those people deserve better.

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