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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Much Value Does the City of Philadelphia Receive from its Park and Recreation System?

The Philadelphia Parks Alliance released their report on the benefits of our park system this week. The Hunting Park Civic Association spent several minutes on this very issue in last night's monthly meeting. Our park has become a black eye on our neighborhood, but its potential is tremendous.

From the Alliance report:

Just imagine…

In their present state, the city’s parks generate $18 million in added property tax revenue and $689 million in increased equity for homeowners near parks. Improved parks could triple those numbers.


Philadelphia’s parks already bring in $40 million in tourist revenue. Picture how they might perform when fully equipped with functioning restrooms, water fountains, restored historic homes, repaired picnic tables and upgraded trails.


Philadelphians already save $70 million in medical expenses by using parks. That number would rise if the city’s parks were cleaner, safer, and stocked with amenities like bikes to rent and water ice to slurp.


Our more than 9,200 acres of parks, woods, riverbeds and open space already provide at least $7 million worth of storm water and air pollution control each year. Every new tree fights asthma. Every new trail fights obesity. Every cleared streambed dries out a basement and unclogs a storm drain.

Imagine all this, and then imagine doing nothing. To us it is unimaginable.
Click here to read and imagine.

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