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Monday, June 19, 2006

To Cool for School.

Yes, I'm cool. Maybe cooler than you. Possibly too cool for my own good or for anyone else's.

My pastor had a great Father's Day sermon. One thing he mentioned was that vulnerablility is masculine. Then later he asked us to pray with someone, touch someone, or maybe go up to the alter. "Come on, dude. That's just not cool." I was sitting next to a new friend, an intern at our church, Pablo. Is it too much to ask two grown-ish Christian men (used lightly) to pray together? Yes. I'd prefer to sway to the music and look pensive. Maybe even return to the seated position, lay my forehead on the pew in front of me and feign deep prayer.

Then tonight we're having dinner at the house here and discussing how to engage our neighbors. Maybe a Bible study? That was my idea last week, but when it comes to planning and putting dates on calendars, I'd rather just have people over for dinner. I don't really want to be the white guy who knows something about God that you might need to hear. That's just not cool.

So there it is. I am defined by people's opinion of me. How cool is that? Cool as Hell.

p.s. - photo by my pal Jamie Moffett

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